Paper cup 6.5oz

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product code FPC-L6.5M4
Capacity 195ml
Diameter of the mug 70mm
Diameter of cup bottom 52mm
Cup height 71mm
Main material One-sided imported PE coated paper
Uses Take hot drinks
Packaging method 2500 cups / carton
  • - Use:

  •  + Trade: restaurants, coffee shops, take away shops, hotels, convenience stores, fruit shops,
  •        Cane juice, tea, porridge nutrition
  •    + Means of transport: airplanes; Subway, bus, train ...
  •    + Living: family, office, factory, building ...
  •    + Public area: hospital, school ....
  •    + Manufacturing: industrial, processing ...
  •    + Used in conferences, seminars, festivals, tourism ...


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